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‘Recently, I had the pleasure of visiting Aspires Studio, and participating in my first STOTT Pilates Class. I admit I was a bit intimidated, as my prior experience in Pilates (in general) was limited to mat exercises offered at my gym, and a free DVD that came with my yoga ball purchase a few years ago. I asked STOTT Pilates Instructor, and owner of Aspires Pilates and Fitness, Deborah Lea, about Pilates, and the disciplines offered. She explained the history, and how it came to be, before she told me how this practice differed from the STOTT Pilates method. Deborah told me that the choice between the two comes down to a personal preference, and gave me a starting point to explore both. I learned a lot, but what intrigued me the most was Deborah’s respect and passion for the Pilates Method, overall. She truly believes in the holistic approach to wellness, and how Pilates can be a strong foundation for a healthful lifestyle. Listening to her, and sensing her commitment to this discipline is what helped me get over myself, and into her studio. I wanted to learn more.
The class was challenging, and demanding. I quickly learned that there is no ‘faking it’, or ‘cheating’ when you’re on a reformer- It’s nothing like Spin class where you can drop your resistance without anyone noticing, or like running, where you can slow your pace, or stop to tend to a loose shoelace. It’s an ‘all or none’ experience! Trust me. But Deborah was all business, and no shame. (Honestly, I think I would have laughed out loud, had it been me watching the newbie try to manage herself into a human cantilever of sorts) I left my first STOTT class with some dignity, and a feeling that I had truly done something good. I love the feeling of accomplishment after a good workout, but this was even more rewarding. Zen like. I felt like I had done more- for my body- and my soul.
I have been back since, and love it! No class is the same, and I can’t imagine ever getting bored! I cant wait for my next class. My intercostals and adductors are still singing, (haha) and I find that I am more aware of my posture, as well. I will try a traditional ‘Joseph Pilates’ class one day, just to experience the difference for myself, but I think the most important aspect is finding an instructor who believes in what she does, and lives the values she teaches.’

Marnie K

March 2015

For The  Bliss of Menagerie 


Photo: Credit Brand X Pictures/Stockbyte/Getty Images

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